Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hello, I know that I've become a LITTLE obsessed with this whole ELECTION thing. But I can honestly tell you, I really believe it is such an important election. We CAN NOT continue down the path we are on. I want to scream it to everyone in the world who is thinking about voting for McCain/Palin. I WANT TO TELL THEM HOW INSANE IT IS TO ELECT MCCAIN AND PALIN!!! BUT I can't do that, I can't get into people's heads and change them. I can't say, well why is it you want to vote for them, I want to counter them with the truth about all the lies that they are being told about Barack Obama. I want to make sure that they aren't voting against Barack because he's black, even if they don't want to admit it! I want to tell them that unless they are FILTHY rich, Barack's tax increases aren't going to affect them. And I want to tell them if they are just pretty rich, their taxes are not going to be raised that much! And even if they are on their way to reaching $250,000 a year, it's still not worth not voting against Barack Obama! Because it isn't about only them. We live in a world. We need to think more globally. It's not only your children, but their children, and their children's children. If we want this world to be here in another 100 years---- DRILLING is not the answer! We have got to change, RIGHT NOW! We can't wait another 4 to 8 yrs! WE JUST CAN'T!! I want to ASK THEM, "Isn't their a part of you that is really frightened about the idea of a HOCKEY MOM/GUNSLINGING/2 yr GOVERNOR of ALASKA being your possible PRESIDENT! And if not, really understand from them why not? I want to get in their head and find our why, it doesn't make more sense that Joe Biden should be Vice President? A six term senior US senator, who is the CHAIRMAN of the Foreign Relations Committee! Doesn't it just make more sense? Really? I also want to tell them if they just CAN't vote for Barack, I beg them to just NOT vote this year! Because really do they think it's a good choice!! It's really frightening, this surge of support for McCain/Palin, Can't they see how shallow it has all been? This VP selection of McCains, Done simply to create waves and it's certainly done that! But remember the Tsunami? Sometimes waves are disasterious! Where is the substance from this ticket? Where is the answers? About how they plan on changing things around. I want to say, Have you not listened to Barack Obama, have you not heard the sincerity in his words. Everything that he has done, I REALLY believe he has done for a pure reason. He ANSWERS the questions thrown at him, even if they are from Bill O'Reilly. He isn't fraid to speak the truth, even if there is someone trying to speak over him. He is RESPECTFUL, he's tried to be in this election and unfortunately he is being forced to sling a little mud himself becuase McCain's attacks are becoming too much for even him not to answer back! So, yes, I can fully admit that I've become OBSESSED with this election! BUT I can't help it, especially now when it's getting closer and closer to NOVEMBER. I'm afraid of that Tsunami, that is McCain/Palin. Whatever respect I had for John McCain has all but left me. Because it's so obvious the desperate straw he was grasping when he choose Palin. Well atleast to me, it is. I really want to understand how other's don't see it the same way as me. How they can not see the transperacy of it! So even though there isn't a way for me to shake people awake, and have them listen to reason! I can atleast write these words on this this little blog that I'm not even sure any one reads, but here they are, my thoughts. Read them, think about them, curse me if you choose, but please just THINK about them before entering that booth on election day!

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