Thursday, September 4, 2008

A kinder gentler Political BLOG!

Okay, again we heard more lies last night during the convention but I was NOT angry like I was the night before. Becuase I thought that Cindy and John McCain were respectful and likeable! They highlighted what they felt was JOHN MCCAIN's STRENGTHS without belittling Barack! I can handle that. I understand that Democrats and Republicans have differences. I sure felt alot better about their speeches then Sarah Palin and Guiliani's from the night before. Sarah and Rudy were mean spirited and Belittling to Barack Obama and his supporters. And so.... While I DID NOT agree with John McCain on much, I did appreciate his approach. So now it's wait and see. Wait and See and hope and pray that those swing voters and once Hillary supporters will go for Barack still. Okay.. I'm done talking politics, I'm literally sick of hearing it! SO anyway, my baby girl is going to start 2nd grade tomorrow. I hope it goes great, I hope she is happy while there and that she likes her teacher. It's tough letting go, not being there to make sure she's okay, knowing you have to put your faith in others to protect her for those hours. It's hard, it's really hard for me to do! She's my girl!! The love of my world!

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