Monday, September 15, 2008

a little sweetness.... ( for a change)

Hello, It's 7:57 pm. Emily is down stairs playing WII with her daddy. They are playing Wii Fit. It's really great for Emily.. Because the yoga moves are terrific for her balance issues. I like that her and Brian play it together---it's kinda their thing and it's sweet. Soon she will have to stop and get her PJ's on and get to bed. She's doing good in school, at least I think so. Back to school night is Wednesday and I sent in the paper, volunteering to bake something. Which means Buy something and wrap it up to LOOK like I baked it. HA HA! So I'm just taking a few minutes to write a quick blog... before I need to get Emily's teeth brushed, PJ's on, and book read. Bed time is a nice time of the day. It's all hugs, kisses, prayers, and togetherness. Sometimes I rush through the process and I later regret it. I mean really how much longer is she gonna want to do the nighttime routine. She's almost 8... soon it will be "Mom---get out of my room!!" I hope not.. But you never know. IT does go by so quick. But anyway, I'm in a sentimental mood.... perhaps it's because I just watched, "bed of roses". I just love that movie, sweet and sad too. Anyway, I should probably go and spend some time with my girl, since they must be done playing WII fit, because I hear the ROCK BAND! Goodnight!

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