Friday, September 26, 2008

Chris ROCK.. ROCKS!!!

Okay.. Did anyone out there catch Chris Rock on Larry King the other day? OMG--- He's hysterical!! He was talking about politics on the part I saw, and it was so FUNNY and yet really made sense to me too. He's great that way, what he says makes a lot of sense if you actually LISTEN to it. For instance he said something like, well as far as the economy goes.. i say don't vote for the guy w. 15 houses and 150 million dollars, because if he loses a couple what does he care, he still will be okay. Why not vote for the guy w. only a couple of million dollars and ONE HOUSE...I mean he cares about losing his house because he'd be HOMELESS... HYSTERICAL....I have an AUTOGRAPHED Chris ROck TEE SHIRT from when he was at GLASSBORO STATE COLLEGE from MANY MANY YEARS AGO! I don't really care for Comedians who curse alot but for some reason I've always liked Chris even IF he curses a little too much! Watching Larry King again made me think, he DOESN'T need the curses-- he's funny anyway. Check it out if you can find it.. I know CNN had a link for it!! Really FUNNY!

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