Monday, September 8, 2008


Hey, uuuuuggggghhhhh.... MONDAYS....Don't ya just love MONDAYS? I just got Emily on the bus. We did have a nice weekend. Pat (MIL) visited us from Friday to this morning. She was suppose to stay until tomorrow but decided to leave today to spend some extra time with her Mother. (Great will be 95 in Dec) WOW!! Emily was very disappointed that she was not staying until Tuesday, and even though I understand why she left today, I felt really bad for Emily. She doesn't handle change toooo well. And she doesn't get to see her Grandma very often, since she lives in New Mexico. SO I understood but their was a tiny part of me that was a little pissed too. I couldn't help it! Anyway, Emily doesn't seem to be as pumped about school this year. I think she hates the LOOONNNGG days, plus she told me that their were 180 days of school. That does SOUND like a lot especially to a kid!! But anyway, I hope she finds that she likes it and has fun. I've made up this thing for her "THE 3 L's" I tell her for school. Listen, Learn and LOOK( people in the face when u talk to them) She has that problem she'll turn around, or look at her feet, or just plain walk away and because her voice is soo low, it's hard to hear her. SO we are really trying to work on that!! Brian said he's going to try and call the school today and ask about her aide. We REALLY want an explanation. All summer when we talked about school with Emily--- we would talk about having Mrs. G again so it's just disappointing that she doesn't. But whatever I'm gonna try and let it go, at least until I find out why. DEPRESSING NEWS....... Well the newest polls are SHOWING McCain winning. I can't believe their scheme is working! The McCain people didn't even know who Sarah Palin was but for a few months ago! AND she seems to have a LOT of skeletons in her closet, but since the election is only a few months away, they may get away with it! Which is just plain depressing! I thought it was said, that people don't vote based on a VP. I guess you can throw that out. UUUGGGGGGHHHHH! I did just re-read my blog and I sure seem negative but I'm really not a very negative person and actually I still really believe that Barack Obama will win, I just worry that people who are not ready for an African American president will find some way to vote for McCain. I know that their are people who really beleive in McCain and I say vote for him then, it's your right. I'm just really bothered that I think for a lot of people (bigots) they just will vote for McCain so that Barack doesn't win. It's really sad, and I wish I didn't feel this way, but I do. I DID NOT grow up in a household like that. WE never USED the N word, never even thought of using it. None of the relatives we were close to, used that word. Or said disparaging words about African Americans. I just had a grandma and Mother who DID not tolerate that. But growing up, I heard subtle and not so subtle racist remarks when I would visit friends houses or ex-boyfriends family reunions. IT made me feel uncomfortable but it didn't stop me from dating them or hanging with them. I didn't know any better and I was trying to fit in. I wish I knew then what I know now. But it also was an eye opener too. I think that for people like that it's almost impossible for them to vote for Barack and it sickens me. Vote for a person based on their qualifications and ideas, not because of their race! It goes both ways, I'm sure. It's just sad that it does. I'm not voting for Barack because he's black although I'm proud of the barrier it will break. I'm voting for him because for me, he's the right choice and because I truly think he'll bring about the bold changes we need! I wonder how many more people would vote for him if they could do so without the color of his skin being a factor. It's sad!

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