Saturday, September 6, 2008

Emily B. 2nd Grader

Well Friday was Emily's first day of 2nd Grade. She seemed to like it! But for some reason she does NOT have the same one-on-one aide as last year, which is a little annoying to us. WHY? WHY? WHY? Would they do that? Mrs. G not only was great but she knew her and our concerns for her. It made us feel so much better knowing she was there for her. Now all of us have to get to know another aide and it's just frustrating. We are going to call the school on Monday hopefully to figure out WHY? The whole thing just was a distraction from what should have been an exciting time. BUT Emily seems fine, so that is what is most important but it's still annoying especially since they told us Mrs. G would be her aide again at our meeting. WHY would they tell us this... if it's just a lie.

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