Thursday, September 25, 2008

A delayed RANT!!

Hello, SO yesterday when John McCain made that "ANNOUNCEMENT" about suspending HIS campaign and The call to DELAY the PRESIDENTIal DEBATE... I just had to wait a day before I blogged. I HAD to, because I may have gone off the deep end. I COULD not BELIEVE IT!!! And so, I waited..... I waited so as not to hurt the feelings of those people that I may have offended with my opinion of the whole debacle. The transparecy of the act from JOHN MCCAIN! That as if HIM NOT DOING THE DEBATE would have HELPED ANYTHING, I mean don't get me wrong... I think working on a crisis and trying to DO something when a CRISIS happens is a good thing. But how is not doing a debate on a friday night from 7 to 9 going to completely DESTROY all chances to get action done. WE HAVE AIRPLANES!!! They can get you from point A to point B pretty fast.. GENIUS!! So okay.. SEE I need to breathe... Becuase I get so worked up. I just couldn't beleive it!! SO this is me after 24 hours, can you imagine me yesterday!! I was so upset and the only bit of sanity was Barack Obama when he said, I'm paraphrasing here but he said, When you're president you have to be able to do more then one thing at a time. AMEN-- to that!! See, I'm all about having DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS work together to get things done... I also feel the need to REMIND people that it was BARACK OBAMA that made the CALL to John McCain asking for them to work together and release a JOINT statement. John McCain has to then go and try and BE the hero and save the day with HIS INGENIUS attempt to show himself as the person who will DO ANYTHING to help reach a settlement.. OKAY But what exactly could he do, (he's not EVEN on the economic commitee) -- And where was he for the last 9 days? Now 2 days before the debate, and after he get a call from Barack-- he decide this, or was it just done to distract people from polls, and the fact that the ECONOMY isn't his strongest area. Okay.. I realize I don't know truly what John was thinking... But OH MY GOD, it comes off to me like such an attempt to distract people and try and get himself out of a debate-- one in which I don't think he is prepared for. It was truly a hail mary pass if you ask me! I'm happy that Congress worked so quickly and that IT APPEARS as if an agreement has been reached..(Although I'm not sure what is right about this bailout) but I think John McCain will NOW have to DEBATE Barack Obama! I think that is a very good thing. TALK CANDIDATES--- the American people need to HEAR FROM YOU BOTH... WE have less then 50 days before Americans have to decide who should be president!!! THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO NOT BE TALKING TO US---SO I'm just happy that the debate is going on as planned. I really do think that Barack will come out of this stronger then ever because I truly hope the American people in whole are not that dumb to not see this John McCain move as just that, a political move to distract people from the real issues of the MCCAIN/PALIN ticket. So aren't you glad that I waited to blog, can you just imagine what yesterdays blog might have been like? :) LOL. Missy

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