Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hello, Last night we watched the DEBATE carefully. I think it was a good debate, but why the HELL did John McCain NOT EVEN LOOK at Barack Obama ONCE!! I found it SO RUDE!!!! Really REMARKABLY RUDE!!! I think Barack tried many times to look at John McCain and he finally gave up. I loved what TOm Shales from The Washington Post said, " McCain too Nasty.... Obama too NICE" I couldn't agree more!! Barack CLEARLY won on Domestic Affairs and McCain SLIGHTLY won on Foreign Policy. However the best line was when Barack, said something like " John acts like this war started in 2007... " And then went on the attack telling him all the things that he did back in 2003 that were wrong. A good line from McCain-- Just to be fair... Was when he said something like, " The next president won't HAVE to WORRY about going TO Iraq"... after getting attacked from Barack Obama about his vote to go to Iraq. It made Barack Obama appear to not be looking in the future. BUT Overall, I think McCain needed more for the INDEPENDENCE who were leaning towards Barack for them to change position.. I do think that Barack appeared very confidant and PRESIDENTIAL and that those independence who may have been LEANing towards McCain could maybe switch to OBAMA.. So I really do believe that Barack won but McCain had a decent SHOWING. Atleast that is what I think POLITICALLY, however PERSONALLY my impression of John McCain is worse after watching that debate. I think he was rude and NOT PRESIDENTIAL at all. His answers to many question were NOT CLEAR or PRICISE and the only time he appeared like he knew really well on a subject was when he talked about PLACES he has been, which is an obvious strength of his, but there is ALOT more to being PRESIDENT then that. (and, JOE BIDEN HAS VISITed THESE PLACES ATLEAST AS OFTEN IF NOT MORE SO then McCain as HEAD of the Foreign Relations Commitee) I think McCain was kinda a BULLY and I really DON'T respect that!! Even if at times I appear to be a bully on this blog... I'm really not a bully in real life. SHHHH.. Don't Tell. :) Okay.. Well I gotta go, Emily was sent home from school yesterday for being sick, and FOR ONCE the school was right.. She's sick! She slept a total of maybe 4 hours last night... She would sleep for 1/2 hr wake up.. Sleep for 45 minutes wake up, etc.. this was all night!! She threw up twice last night, although she's been able to keep the toast, soup and crackers we've given her today down.. So that's a good sign, but anyway I should go check on Emily!

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