Friday, September 12, 2008

What was McCain Thinking? Sarah-2nd In command?


#2.... she went to KUWAIT, GERMANY, Mexico and CANada! HAS NEVER MET A WORLD LEADER!!

#3....SHE WAS GOVERNOR FOR less than 2 YEARS of a state with fewer people then any of the major "CITIES" in our country!!!SHE TOOK OFFICE on 12/4/2006!

#4... SHE WAS MAYOR OF an INCREDIBLY SMALL TOWN of around 5,500 people when she was mayor of it!

#5.... SHE requested $27,000,000 (YES---- MILLIONS) in EARMARKS while MAYOR of that incredibly small town! And McCain CRITIZED IT in 2001 and 2002!!!!!!!!!!!

#6......SO WHAT!!! She DOESN'T USE THE GOVERNOR CHEF, but she did EXPENSE per diem a total of $16,951 for 312 days she spent at home! and for travel expenses of $43,490for family and $93,000 for herself. (which may/ or may not be legal but don't act like you ARE THIS WONDERFUL person who tries to SAVE your state all these expenses!!!)

#7..... When she said during her acceptance speech, "THANKS, BUT NO THANKS" about the bridge to nowhere, she forgot to say it was only after 2 years of PUSHING FOR IT and being critized for doing so (by even McCain). LIAR, LIAR PANTS on FIRE!!!

#8..... She backs Abstinance only PROGRAMS... WELL, It's hard to PREACH Abstinance to HORMONAL TEENAGERS, Isn't it? THAT's ALL I'm GONNA SAY ON THAT TOPIC!!!!

#9......GOV PALINS involvement with the LETTING GO of that PUBLIC Safety COMMISIONER when he REFUSED to fire PALIN'S FORMER BROTHER IN LAW who was involved in a CHILD CUSTODY battle with palins sister!!! shame shame shame. Even her ETHICS adviser told her to APOLOGY for "OVERREACHING OR PERCEIVED OVERREACHING" to get that Brother in law fired!!

#10... SHE OPPOSES abortion EVEN in cases of RAPE, SHE ONLY accepts ABORTION in cases where the MOTHERS LIfe is in danger. (and while that is her right, REALLY, Should we go back to HANGERS or back alleys!!)

#11.... in not even 2 years as GOVERNOR of Alaska, Alaska requested nearly $750,000,000 (YES MILLIONS) in EARMARKS, BY FAR THE the LARGEST per CAPITA Request in the NATION!!!!!!


#13... McCain said, "I am prepared. I am prepared. I need no on-the-job training. I wasn't a mayor for a short period of time. I wasn't a governor for a short period of time." while he was trying to win the nomination. IT Was okay to say it about Guiliani and Mitt but not SARAH!

#14....Did you catch her interview with Charlie Gibson, IS SHE REALLY READY TO BE HAVING TALKS WITH WORLD LEADERS? She can't even handle herself w. Charlie? I heard alot of DOUBLE TALKING and AVOIDANCE but not ANY real answers to ANY QUESTIONS!!

#15.... Palin said about being Mayor of Wasilla, "It's not rocket science"..."It's
six million and 53 people." ENOUGH SAID!!!

#16.....Palin said less than a year ago, "I'm not an Al Gore, doom and gloom environmentalist blaming the changes in our climate on human activity." YEAH, DAMN THOSE SCIENTIST!!!

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